Consent and risk acceptance

Please read and sign this form. If you have any issues, please do get in touch with Rosie on 07840 102383 or so that we can ensure the best support for you

Most activities at Everything Adventure include one of more adventurous elements. Everything Adventure’s staff have, and fully accept, a duty of care to make those activities as safe as is reasonably practical. They are required to adhere to a comprehensive set of safety rules and there is a quality management system to monitor the fact that rules and procedures are adhered to.

However, adventurous activities are inherently hazardous and cannot be completely risk free however hard we try. Accidents can happen without any contributory negligence from Everything Adventure or its staff.

Moreover, the environment that Everything Adventure operate within is such that we cannot ‘fence off’ all hazardous areas. Your son or daughter must therefore help our staff to look after their safety by listening carefully to instructors, by doing what they are asked to do and by not being reckless by trying to do more than they have been briefed to do. Only give your consent if you are confident that they will behave responsibly in this way. Everything Adventure can accept no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property or for personal injury not arising as a result of its own action or default.

    Risk Acceptance

    I understand and accept the above statements. My son or daughter is fit for the course and will inform Everything Adventure staff before the adventure of any special medical conditions that might affect my son’s or daughter’s safety.

    Medical Details

    Next Of Kin Details