Kids’ parties

We provide the adventure; you bring the cake!  A kids’ party includes meeting all the guests at the top secret Dartmoor location (as noted for parents on the complimentary party invites), playing wide games, such as ‘eliminate’ and ‘camouflage’, going to our base where children help to find the supplies that have been air-dropped in! In teams, the children work together to use the supplies of flint, steel, and cotton wool to light a fire in the Kelly kettle and be the first to boil the water to make hot chocolate with marshmallows. A good opportunity to sing Happy Birthday and eat cake, followed by a nature craft of your choice from natural swords, whittling spoons, butterfly wings, willow stars etc.  We offer a complimentary Zoom call with the parent ahead of the party to chat through details if needed. We also have small branded eco-friendly party bags for sale – the perfect little gift for all the guests!

Starting from £250 for up to 12 children – please contact us for availability and to discuss your individual needs.