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What is Adventure?

It is sometimes easier to ask the question what is adventure for me? Although there are some common elements to adventure, a large part is very individualised. If you ask 10 people what adventure means for them you will probably get 10 different answers! There are, however, some common elements to adventure that most passionate adventurers would agree on. These elements could be at the extreme end of adventuring such as base jumping or simply a walk that might feel adventurous for someone unable to get out easily.

Common elements of adventures
Outdoors or wilderness
Many adventures start from a desire to explore and learn a new place. Going somewhere you haven’t been before or doing something you haven’t done before. This, for most people, will include an element of the outdoors or wilderness. For me, exploring a new wilderness even if it’s not particularly risky can provide a real sense of adventure.
Exploring a new place, particularly a wild place, creates in us a sense of awe and wonder that we could not ever get from the screens that we glue ourselves to every day.  Increasingly as people spend a huge percentage of their time indoors, this sense of wilderness and outdoor adventure becomes even more important.

Doing something active
Adventure usually includes an element of doing something active. Whether it’s a walk, climb, canoe, or wild swim this activity connects us with the land around us and gives a sense of purpose and belonging in that place. It gives us a reason to be there and a mission for our adventure.

Something that excites or challenges
Whenever someone mentions the word adventure I associate it with passion. People don’t go on adventures to be bored or to do what they always do. They go on adventures to learn, to feel alive, to be active, to gain perspective, to challenge themselves, to thrive and many more reasons. You almost can’t help but change and develop when you go adventuring because by its very nature, you are seeking to do something exciting. This passion can be infectious and can often drag other people along with it. Often, I will meet a group where one person has decided to go on an adventure and then lots of other people benefit from it by deciding to join in.

Element of perceived or real risk
Most, but not all, adventures will have an element of risk; whether perceived or real. This could be as simple as scrambling onto a small rock to watch the sunset or going for a sedate canoe trip with the risk of falling in and getting wet! Or it could be climbing the most extreme climb, base jumping, mountain biking or paragliding off a mountain. Having an element of risk, no matter how small can make the experience more meaningful as it creates something more memorable than our normal day-to-day lives!

Many adventures also have a sense of community as we explore and adventure together. Often overcoming a problem as a team, working together and spending quality time together are all parts of what makes a memorable adventure. Adventuring with others creates another complex layer of what we get out of adventures by building relationships, learning from others, and creating shared memories and bonds.

These common features of adventure can sometimes all be there or only one or two may exist but they can still create the feeling of adventure. As people adventure with us we see them start to sense of the possibilities that exist in life and what their bodies and minds can actually achieve!


Had such a fab time adventuring with these guys at the weekend! A hen party with a difference! – Jane